About the producer

Baeturia is a Spanish company who believes in the tradition of craftsmanship and care, because they know that it results in an excellent extra virgin olive oil that you can’t get any other way. Baeturia believes in sustainability and in environmentally-friendly agriculture, so their products respect your health.

The olive oil is cold press and produced with olives from selected olive groves in Southern Extremadura, Spain. Quality is one of the most important thing for them, which they pursue through careful selection of the best organic olive groves, unique variates, harvested at their optimum moment and delivered to the mill, which is never more than 5 km, for a cold pressing. It is critical to transport the olives to the mill the same day of collection. After that, the production process begins solely by mechanical means.

Baeturia promotes sustainable agriculture, it is a matter of principle for them. Their organic olive grove is characterized by the non-use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. This is reflected not only in respect to the environment but also in the absence of these substances in the fruit, the only ingredient of their extra virgin olive oil.

Besides the health issues, Baeturia also believes in design. They have taken care of every detail of the packaging for a product made with such a care. It will be an enjoyable experience since you get it in your hands.