Our story

Our primary goal is to combine healthy lifestyle with quality cooking.

Visits to the Mediterranean countries, the semesters spent abroad under the Erasmus program during the university years, and the culinary experiences that determined this period, created the Oh!Live store.

When we returned home, we missed one thing: high quality and affordable organic olive oils. After our disappointment in our national assortment that does not satisfy all our demands, we have decided to implement our vision in Hungary; we bring quality organic olive oil to everyone. To achieve this goal we are looking for the Mediterranean's excellent, yet affordable price range products for our customers.

Meet the team!

Virag Dajka

'No one ever made a difference by being like everybody else. "


Due to her goal-oriented focus, instead of looking for objections, she focuses on solving problems. She believes that if we can imagine something we can do it.

Virag is a lover of travelling. Thanks to her visits to various countries around the world, he enjoys valuable experience, which is an excellent opportunity for learning.

She has a degree in Trade-Marketing, and is responsible for creative content and marketing activities on Instagram and Facebook.

Krisztian Lesku

"When the “why” is clear, the “how” is easy. ”


Krisztián is an ambitious entrepreneur who believes that nothing is impossible with right way of thinking and imagination.

Despite his young age, he has gained a lot of international experience and has worked in several countries in several fields. Thanks to his open mindset, he is constantly working on exploiting opportunities.

His passion is a healthy lifestyle, with sport playing an important role beside conscious nutrition.

His main role is to fulfill the daily tasks of the company, and to provide constructive ideas to encourage the success of Oh!Live.

maurice deuss

"When you have good ingredients, you do not need a lot of instruction.


As an experienced businessman, Maurice has nearly 25 years of experience in multinational companies. Due to his leadership position, he deals with customers from all over the world.

He is a lover of cooking, so he is constantly experimenting with various Mediterranean dishes. Through being a much-seen traveler, his knowledge is constantly expanding thanks to his experience from different countries.

His tasks in the Oh!Live team mainly include purchasing and defining long-term goals.